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Click to view large image Artifacts and Early Cultures on the Susquehanna's West Branch
  • by Gary L. Fogelman
  • 88 b/w photos, 46 color photos, 12 illus., ref., index. An up-close look at the authors collection, collecting area, experiences. Lots of other great artifacts from the valley are shown. Chapters on Flintknapping, the Atlatl and the state of archaeology according to the author.
  • Price: $16.95, plus p/h
Projectile Point Typology For Pennsylvania And The Northeast
  • by Gary L. Fogelman
  • A book on the endeavers and results of the publisher and his finds and others finds of many types of artifacts and projectile point types. Many are well known, others not so known. This book is mainly for collectors and amateur archeologists. Almost 200 projectile/knife types depicted in over 400 illustrations.
  • 225 pages, maps showing dispersion, current dates and thoughts on Northeast prehistory. 1988, 221 pages
  • Price: $11.00 paperback, plus p/h
All About The At'latl
  • by Gary L. Fogelman
  • This book will supply you with all you need to know about the at'latl how it works and why, what the bannerstones were used for, lots of pictures and illustrations of examples from around the world,  pictures of the throwing sequence. Plus, current groups and individuals using the at'latl, where the tournaments are and who to contact, current world records. This book has it all! Check it out!
  • Price $5.00 plus p/h
Shoop: Pennsylvania's Famous Paleo Site, popular version
  • by Gary L. Fogelman
  • An updated analysis of this famous site. Pictures of artifacts never before noted. Updated tool totals and comments on the flint varieties.  Photos, maps of the site loci, graphs, etc.
  • Price: $11.95 plus p/h
Glass Beads of the Northeast, and Aboriginal Bead Industries
  • by Gary L. Fogelman
  • 44 pages, illustrations, 20x30 color, folded chart depicts hundreds of glass trade beads, and aboriginal beads; stone, bone, antler, shell, cannel coal, Catlinite. All aspects of glass beads examined, i.e., methods of manufacture, who was manufacturing, who was trading. The color chart has beads chronologically arranged. Kidd & Kidd classification system utilized.
  • Price: $15.00 plus p/h
An Identification and Price Guide for Indian Artifacts of the Northeast
  • by Gary L. Fogelman
  • With a special section of fakes, frauds and scams. An ID and Price guide for all types of artifacts, and a section to help you become more adept at recognizing fakes.
  • Price: $10.00 plus p/h
PENNSYLVANIA Fluted Point Survey:
Paleo fluted points from Pennsylvania and surrounding area
  • by Gary L. Fogelman and Dr. Stanley W. Lantz
  • 311pp., 22 maps, 56 tables, 111 illus., over 1,650 photographs, many in color. Biblio., Index, 8-1/2 x 11.
  • THIS IS IT!! Finally, after 6 years of compilation and research, the two authors, with a combined 80+ years of in-the-field experience, have produced this most extensive look at fluted points and fluted point sites in Pennsylvania.


    • 866 recorded Pennsylvania fluted points, almost all pictured or illustrated, many in color and most at actual size.
    • Descripiton of 8 fluted point types for Pennsylvania.
    • Dispersion maps of all fluted point types, by chert type.
    • Description and discussion of Paleo cherts.
    • Description of the various other Paleo-era tool forms, with illus./photos.
    • Listing and photographs of artifacts from Pennsylvania sites and other assemblages, many never before seen.
    • Largest showing of Shoop Site fluted points, approximately 100.
    • Listing of sites in the greater Northeast.
      Easy to follow format, tables, and maps.
    • Measurements of hundreds of Pennsylvania fluted points.
    Softbound $45.00
    Hardbound $85.00
    Hard cover limited addition to 500 (numbered)

More Fluted Points for the Pennsylvania Record

  • by Gary L. Fogelman
  • 8-1/2 x 11, 42 pages, 258 photos/illus., almost all color, Ref.
    • 51 more Fluted Points for the Pennsylvania Record.
    • Section on Points of Interest - Takes a look at many points seen during the Survey work that could not be used for various reasons.
    • Section on Those Troubling Triangles - Takes a look at smallish triangular points with possible Paleo connections.
    • Updated information on Fluted Points in the Northeast.

More Fluted Points for the Pennsylvania Record

  • by Gary L. Fogelman
  • 8-1/2 x 11, 49 pages, 193 photos/illus., mostly all color, Ref.
    • Adds 87 additional points to the Pennsylvania record
    • Results of a Shoop Site excavation
    • More Points of Interest
    • Highlights a Cache of Notched Crowfield points
LATE PALEO LANCEOLATES in Pennsylvania and the Northeast
  • by Gary L. Fogelman
  • 8-1/2 x 11, 46 pages, 227 photos/illus., almost all color, Ref.
    • Plots, for the first time, Agate Basin style points in Pennsylvania.
    • Notes occurrences of other Late Paleo lanceolate forms.
    • Puts some order to the Sawmill/McConnell/String-town Stemmed series.
    • Examines the Hi-Lo type.
    • Examines the Dalton type in the Northeast.
    • Comparison: Northumberland type and Agate Basin type.
Identifying some of the materials used by the Indians in Pennsylvania and surrounding area
  • by Gary L. Fogelman
  • This is an all-new version of the Lithics Book. 56pp. 8-1/2 x 11", 71 color photographs, extensive references. Geological maps showing dispersion of most of the cherts noted in the book. From Andesite to Upper Mercer, you'll see actual full color specimen photos. All new, updated information on the various cherts. Now, you can complete your Pennsylvania Artifact Series with this attractive new book.
  • Price: $20.00 plus p/h
Click to view large image Chronological Type Chart
  • An attractive 18x24 poster depicting all the types in the book from oldest to latest.
  • Great visual aid to put everything into perspective.
  • Price: $5.00 plus p/h
Click to view large image Unfolded color bead poster
  • See glass trade beads above
  • Price: $10.00 plus p/h



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